Vocal Massage

We all use our voices on a day-to-day basis without giving any thought whatsoever as to how the sound is produced. Vocal massage can help.

There are many muscles that are engaged in this process and just like any other muscles group they too can become tired and strained.

These muscle groups reside in the upper body; chest neck, face and head.

Outlaw King Netflix

Vocal Massage is a treatment that relaxes all the muscle groups related to breathing and voice production in order to relieve tension in the rib cage and diaphragm and so that proper posture and flexibility will return.

We have worked with various levels of performer to local artists to international artists and productions such as,-

  • David Stott – Glasgow Vocalist / Musician
  • Cast of “The Addams Family” Glasgow Pavillion Theatre 2014
  • BBC Scotland, STV, SKY and stage Actors ,Performers
  • After Dinner Speakers
  • “Saturday Night Fever” – Festival Theatre Edinburgh 2015
  • “The Sound of Music ” Kings Theatre Glasgow 2015
  • Scottish and National Opera Singers
  • “Outlander” cast 2015
  • Trainspotting cast 2016
  • Royal Conservatoire Scotland Students and Staff.
  • Cast of “Grease” Kings Theatre 2017
  • “Outlaw King” – Netflix 2017

RCS Vocal massage

Recent testimonial,-

“Thanks again for the vocal massage yesterday. It really made all the difference and felt so much more secure during the performance.”

Colin Burnacle, “The Sound of Music” Kings Theatre Glasgow, February 2015.

This treatment is non-invasive and no equipment is used.

Vocal Massage is appropriate for a number of conditions and purposes including:

  • To maintain the appropriate function of the muscles required for voice production for those who use their voices professionally i.e. singers, actors and public speakers.
  • To release tension and relieve pain in the muscles of mastication.
  • To support treatment for reflux by releasing tension in the external throat muscles and the diaphragm.
  • To help improve breathing function in athletes.
  • To allow easier breathing, swallowing and speaking for those with neurodegenerative diseases i.e. Motor Neuron Disease (ALS), Parkinson’s etc.
  • To aid methods of general relaxation.

Vocal massage can be done at both our Stirling or Glasgow clinic or at a location of your choice subject to availability.

Each session lasts approximately 45mins, please contact 0141 334 1223 for bookings in either clinic.