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Sports Massage Therapy in Glasgow

The high standards of treatment demanded by elite athletes ensures that everyone can benefit from our sports massage expertise

improve performance and optimise recovery with a sports massage

Sports Massage Glasgow

Sports Massage Therapy consists of a combination of soft tissue manipulation techniques, which can be used to help improve performance and optimise recovery following training or competition.

All our Sports massage therapists in Glasgow are skilled and experienced in Sports Massage Therapy and qualified to a Degree level at least.

Remedial massage uses deep massage and mobilisation techniques effectively to achieve specific goals.

These methods are used as a combined therapy in order to achieve a variety of results, which are beneficial to anyone, not just the sports performer.

As part of your initial appointment at our Glasgow clinic  you will be asked about your weekly routine, any current aches and pains and what you wish to gain from this massage therapy.

Sports massage is not just for sports people

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from our high-level sports massage expertise.


Sports Massage in Glasgow with Jordan edgar

Jordan Edgar

Sports massage is one of the most popular treatments that Jordan Edgar utilises at Sports Therapy Scotland.

It helps our clients relieve muscle tension, improve performance, and return to normality again

Is a Sports Massage for me?

Sports Massage Therapy is often sought out by people who are looking for relief from:

  • Muscular pain and tension.
  • As an addition to treatment for Sporting injuries.
Sports Massage Glasgow
Sports Massage Treatment in Glasgow

Muscular Pain and Tension

Muscular Pain

Muscular pain and tension are the most common reasons our clients book a sports massage treatment and can be caused by many factors.

  • Office work and poor posture
  • Manual labour
  • Stress
  • Text Neck Syndrome

Poor posture and tension can be relieved with Sports Massage

Poor Posture

If you work in an office (or spend a lot of time at a desk or on your phone), you will – most likely – not sit with perfect posture the entire time.

We are made to move and not designed to be fully sedentary. A sedentary life leads to that pain and tension you have been feeling!

Sports Massage Glasgow

Builders, carpenters, engineers, electricians we are talking about you!

Manual Labour

Builders, carpenters, engineers, electricians, plumbers and all people who have an element of manual labour to their work will also be susceptible to muscular pain and tension.

This is down to repetitive movements leading to strains and DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) as you are doing strenuous exercise daily – Sports Massage Therapy can help.

Glasgow Sports Massage

Stress is a leading factor in increasing muscular pain and tension

Stress Relief

Stress is a leading factor in increasing muscular pain and tension.

When we are stressed, our muscles tense up as our body prepares for fight or flight.

This can lead to all sorts of problems, including tension headaches, neck pain and back pain.

Sports Massage helps with stress

Stress injury to the neck

Text Neck Syndrome

Text Neck Syndrome is a repetitive stress injury to the neck caused by having your head in a forward position for extended periods.

This affects the curvature of the cervical spine, the neck and shoulder muscles and the supporting ligaments causing them to tighten up and cause you pain.

Sports Massage can help with text neck syndrome

Our Sports Massage Treatment Process with Jordan Edgar

Sports Massage Process

We start the sports massage treatment with a consultation in order to understand your medical history and set our goals for your course of treatment.

We will then talk you through what a sports massage is so that you know what to expect.

After this, your therapist will leave the room and you can change and lie on the massage table. The therapist will return and begin your sports massage when you are ready.

Sports Massage Glasgow

Jordan treats a sports massage as you should do any exercise.

There are 4 stages.

​1. The Warm-up

As that’s what you should be doing before doing anything strenuous!

This will be light pressure allowing us to heat up the muscles.

​2. The Main Body of the Session

We will then move on to medium/firm pressure and employ a variety of techniques.

This shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort although you may feel some tenderness when going over those knots/trigger points.

Most find this relaxing!

​3. The Finisher

We will finish off the treatment with a technique called myofascial release which helps to relieve that tension you are feeling.

This is the most intense part of the treatment where we take you up to a 7/10 pressure-wise to give you lasting tension relief!

4. The Cool Down

A cool down to settle the muscles we have just worked which will return to a light pressure.

About Jordan Edgar

An Elite Athlete & Sports Therapist

As an Elite Athlete competing at the International level in Badminton Jordan Edgar has the invaluable experience of being on & off the treatment table.

H looks after all types of patients including Professional Athletes, Musicians, Stage Shows/Performers, Film Sets and Fitness Enthusiasts along with everyone else!

Jordan is dedicated to continuously researching and upskilling to bring out the best for his patients as that is what he expects himself when booking appointments.

Jordan is available for, Injury Assessment, Treatment, and Sports Massage.

Weekly and Saturday appointments are available in our Glasgow Clinic and can be booked by calling us on 0141 334 1223 or booking online.

After Your Treatment

Once your treatment is finished, Jordan will leave the room to let you get dressed.

He will give you a brief overview of what he worked on during the treatment so that you can be aware of any areas that may need more attention.

If you wish, you can arrange another treatment with Jordan then and there or you can book it again online.

Frequently asked questions about Sports Massage


What do I wear to a Sports Massage?
Suitable Sports clothing or underwear is advisable (e.g don’t wear long leggings if legs are needing treatment). You are always covered by the towel for modesty.
When should I stop training?
If you are having an ache, pain or niggle that is not going away then it is best to avoid training until we assess you.
What is the difference between a Massage and a Sports Massage?

A normal Deep Tissue or Swedish massage usually covers the whole body with different pressures applied to relax you. In a Sports Massage, we pinpoint the specific area of tension you are having on a muscle or group of muscles to break it down to stop the problem from recurring.

A sports massage also varies dependent on the competition period you are in with Early, Mid and Post Event massage possible. We also add in advanced soft tissue techniques which will have you performing better for

Is a Sports Massage just for sports people?

In a word – no.

The techniques used in sports massage and the knowledge we have are ideal for those from any walk of life.

Do Sports Massages Feel Good?
The massage is not to be painful otherwise we defeat the purpose of the massage since you will just tense up in defence. Pressure is firm but will never be more than a 7/10 on your discomfort scale and only at certain points. You will be told beforehand and if anything’s too much do say and we will ease off.
Should I Shower before a Sports Massage ?
This one should be fairly self-explanatory. Of course, you should before coming into the clinic. No one likes a smelly patient straight out of the gym! Please know if you’ve had to run here we can deal with a bit of sweat.
What if I have an injury?
Jordan will assess and advise on what has happened or if he suspects there’s more to your pain. We can then treat the injury or avoid the area for now until it can be treated.

Single or multiple sessions are available

Sports Massage Prices

What’s Included

Deep Tissue Sports Massage
60 Minutes


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