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Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a safe and effective treatment which can have amazing effects on pain management

Dry Needling is a Safe and Effective Treatment

Dry Needling (FIDN)

At Sports Therapy Scotland, all staff are trained and qualified in acupuncture / FIDN Dry Needling techniques.

This safe and effective treatment can have amazing effects on pain management and therefore function.

The needles are single-use sterile needles. The practitioner will wear gloves at all times during the procedure and constantly affirm the comfort of the client during the procedure.

We have even had clients with needle phobias having this treatment from us.

However, if you are in any way unsure of having this treatment then we will offer alternatives that are effective too.

How Painful Is Dry Needling?

The needle insertion does not hurt as the needles are very fine.

You may notice a twinge-type reaction from the muscle but the procedure is not painful.

If anything feels too intense let your therapist know and they will happily take it out.

Remember we want to reduce your pain not cause you more!

Will I be sore after having Dry Needling?

It is normal to feel achy like you’ve just done a workout following the procedure however this will die down over the following day.

Can I exercise after Dry Needling?

We won’t encourage you to exercise, mainly as we want the treatment to take place. Go home, relax, and chill!

How long does it take Dry Needling to work?

There will be an immediate increase in mobility with a decrease in pain felt immediately or within 24 hours.

We will test and retest certain movements so you can see how beneficial dry needling has been!

Typically – as with any treatment – it may take a few treatment sessions (once per week for 2-3weeks) for a lasting positive affect.

Is Dry Needling Better than Massage?

Both have their strong points.

Dry Needling will be more effective for individuals with acute or chronic injuries.

However, your muscles will also need to relax, so we can provide a mix of treatments to get you the best results.