Sports Therapy Scotland believes that everyone should have access to the type of treatment that usually only full-time professional athletes receive.

Sports Therapy Scotland ensures all clients receive the best possible treatment relevant to their condition.

Sports Therapy Scotland provides treatments at the Sports Injury Clinic in Stirling for a wide range of injuries (see Common Conditions ).

From injury to full fitness

We provide professional examination and assessment, treatment and rehabilitation from injury to full fitness. We will also offer prehabilitative advice to assist in avoiding re-occurrence of your condition.

We are not just for injuries

You do not have to be injured to benefit from our services,  we work with many clients who are fit and seek continued expert advice to ensure they remain so.

Working on exercise technique, exercise prescription and regular health checks such as Blood Pressure measurement and body-stat analysis. This can be carried out at your workplace or at the Sports Injury Clinic in Glasgow or Stirling.

We are not just for Athletes

Sports Therapy Scotland has treated and advises clients from all walks of life and age groups.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you at our Sports Injury Clinic in Glasgow or Stirling.

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We are the only clinic in Scotland offering cryotherapy for pain management and recovery

Cryotherapy Treatments – Using Liquid C02

Cryotherapy is a safe treatment which is effective for pain management.

Sport Specific Rehabilitation

Sports Therapy Scotland recognises the need for ” Specificity” in rehabilitation programmes. Sports …

vocal massage

Vocal Massage

Vocal massage can help anyone who is involved in the preforming arts.

Injury Rehabilitation

Each of our rehabilitation programmes is made just for you.

Injury Assessment

We always make a detailed assessment of injuries and how they affect your life.

Spinal Mobilisation

Mobilisation is a manual treatment designed to restore movement in joints.

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage can help improve performance and optimise recovery.

Sciatica Pain

Main causes and symptoms of sciatica and how it can be diagnosed.

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