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Looking to start 2015 injury-free? Well, follow these tips and see how you get on.

1. Flexibility / Mobility, ensure that all major joints, including your spine, have a full pain free range of motion and sufficient muscle length.

2. Strength: Keep all large muscles and surrounding stabilizers conditioned and ready to react at a moment’s notice.

3. Agility: What is your reaction time and general coordination like? If properly honed, you can avoid spilling your bike as you swerve to avoid a pedestrian.

4. Balance: Can you stay vertical over uneven terrain or when carrying an awkwardly shaped object?

5. Power: Do you have the speed to move out of harm’s way in a hurry? Better hope so if you need to dodge a vehicle while on your morning run.

6.Posture, posture, posture. Whether you want to run, cycle, play tennis or simply look after your knees and joints you have to keep a relatively good posture. This includes when you are at work and at home.

7.Get advice sooner rather than later – especially if you experience repeated niggles in a particular area. Please don’t wait until 1 week before the London Marathon. It may be as a one-off but this advice can steer you in the right direction.

8.Progress your exercise or activity in a graded progressive manner – no sudden 100% increases in mileage or activity just because ‘the garden had to be sorted immediately’ or ‘I felt good running and then…hey 1 Hr has passed…!’ The body regenerates and adapts over a period of time. Give it time!

9.Get stronger…personal training/circuit classes for anyone?

10.Get moving…sedentary lifestyles are not good.

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