Sports Massage Courses

Give your career its very own massage, in only 5 weeks

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We have courses starting on 9th January 2024, 14th January 2024 and 19th February 2024

We are enrolling on our Sports Massage Course

Sports Massage Course

Becoming a sports massage therapist may be something you have considered but thought it was out of your reach – or you maybe have thought of escaping from the rat-race of nine-to-five working and setting up a business of your own.

With the huge changes that are happening in our society at the moment, with the increasing stress that many people are experiencing in their everyday lives, massage is becoming more and more popular.

So if ever there was a time to retrain and do something different, it is now.

  • Beyond the course support and prospects
  • Guaranteed insurance after passing
  • Finance and payment options are available
  • Nationally accepted qualification
  • Hands-on & in-person course with all the kit
  • No past-experience required

Meet our Sports Massage Course Instructors

Lead Instructors

Meet David and Jordan – lead instructors.
Gain years of knowledge and experience in only 5 weeks — you just can’t ask for a better start.

David Jenkins and Jordan Edgar - Sports Therapy Scotland

David Jenkins is one of Scotland’s most renowned Sports Therapists. 

He has over 20 years’  experience in the professional sport and movie industry including the Scottish Premier League, Elite Professional Ice Hockey, Professional Mixed Martial Arts and The World Karate Championships and Netflix.

Jordan Edgar is an elite Badminton athlete, playing at national level for Scotland.

He brings invaluable experience, in treating patients who include professional athletes, performers and fitness enthusiasts.