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Cryo means cold, and Therapy means a treatment

What is Cryotherapy?

We are the only clinic in Scotland offering cryotherapy for pain management and recovery

So what is Cryotherapy?

Basically, Cryo means cold, and Therapy means a treatment that is intended to relieve or heal a disorder according to the Oxford dictionary.

Now…if cryotherapy is something you’ve heard of or seen before you’ll be imagining a chamber you can walk into that is freezing cold… however, that’s not quite what will happen when you come here…

At Sports Therapy Scotland we do localised cryotherapy sessions which will allow us to treat your problem at its injury site* and is included in the cost of your treatment session.

This means you’ll get more out of a session than you would just entering a chamber for 3 minutes!

You can however have a session focused purely on cryotherapy.

*Cryotherapy can be used for Beauty Aesthetics and Fat Loss.

Why should you get it? Read on to find out why…but I doubt that you will be interested in the amazing benefits!

(more brochure talk however I’m advised it’s in your best interests to know exactly the benefits you will gain from just one session!)

It helps with:

  • Pain relief and muscle healing
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis
  • Improving your mental well being
  • Speed up muscle recovery allowing you to improve training results which will increase your performance level!!!
  • Beauty Aesthetics and Fat loss (read more about the beauty side of Cryotherapy here)

What does a Cryotherapy session like?

COLDDDDD!!! Only joking…to some extent. When targeting the muscles with our localised cryotherapy we aim to bring your skin temperature to -78 degrees using a 50 bar pressure carbon dioxide gas treatment to allow Thermic shock to take place.

Now you must be thinking “what is Thermic Shock?”…

Thermic Shock is that blissful period where, should you swim in a frozen lake, is the amazing feeling you’ll get before you end up with hypothermia! But don’t worry, there is no risk of that happening in your treatment as:
1. You’re not in a frozen lake but in a nice warm room where you’ll be completely at ease.
2. The cryotherapy is localised to the one area for a small amount of time, even if we tried it it wouldn’t happen 😉
3. I really like my job and customer fatalities wouldn’t go down well! It’s really bad for business!

Cost and booking in!

View our Cryotherapy Treatment prices and more information if  I haven’t convinced you already!

Call 0141 334 1223 or email to book in and start working on improving that one per cent!

Hope to see you soon!

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Cryotherapy in action