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Sports Therapy Scotland will be official suppliers of Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists to the Selco Northern Masters Football Event on Sunday

12th June 2011 , Braehead Arena Glasgow.

There will be four of the “guys” from the team (you know what I mean Samantha) and we will be looking after the players and the Referees. From pre event massage, taping, mobilising and being pitch side during each game.

Players confirmed include ,-  Pierre Van Hoojdonk – Celtic, Jorg Albertz – Rangers, Marco Gabbiadini Sunderland (current champions),Stevie Kirk – Motherwell, Tommy Turner – St Mirren and Jose Quitongo – Kilmarnock.

Criteria to play is over 35 years old. Makes me feel kinda old if that is masters age bracket!


In the Masters Cup, each regional event will see four teams play each other once, with the top two in the group playing off in the regional final.
In the event of six teams being placed in a regional heat, there will be two groups of three teams.
The top team from each group of three will play off in the regional final.
There will be no extra time played in any Masters game.If the scores are level after full time, there will be a penalty shoot out, which will become sudden death if the scores are still level after five penalties have been taken by each team.
The winners of each regional heat will qualify for the Masters Cup Grand Final.
The Masters Cup Grand Final will be a straight knock out tournament.

Ranking in each group will be determined as follows…
greater number of points obtained in all the group matches
goal difference in all the group matches
greater number of goals scored in all the group matches

If two or more teams are equal based upon the above three criteria, their place shall be determined as follows…
greater number of points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned
goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams concerned
greater number of goals scored in the group matches between the teasm concerned
drawing lots by the organising committee of Masters Football


  • All football games will be played on pitches 60 by 30 metres and surrounded by perimeter boards.
  • Each match will be eight minutes each way.
  • Each football team can use a squad of nine players for each game, with a maximum of six on the pitch at any one time. An unlimited number of substitutions can be made by each team at any time during the game.
  • At least one footballer must be in the opposition’s half at all times or a free-kick will be awarded to the opposition on the halfway line. This rule does not apply to a team which has had a player sent off.
  • There is no offside.
  • All free kicks must take place within five seconds or the decision is reversed. The opposition must be five metres away at free kicks.
  • No minor injuries will be treated on the pitch. The clock will only be stopped for serious injury or time wasting.
  • Sin bin will be used in an unofficial capacity for yellow card offences. The referee will suggest the player leaves the pitch for two minutes.
  • Any player who receives a red card will be sent off immediately, cannot be replaced and will be banned for the next match. In the most extreme of cases, players will be banned from playing Masters football indefinitely.

Kick off for first game is 3.00pm , look forward to seeing you there!