Scottish School of Manual Therapy (SSMT)

Module 1

Peripheral Sports Manual Therapy & Mobilisations 

Mumbai 6th and 7th May 2019


SSMT Instructor David Jenkins has over 20 years experience applying The Scottish School of Manual Therapy (SSMT) Techniques in both full time professional sports and the clinical environments.

He will teach the application of various grades of SSMT and how they apply to both the sporting field of play environment and sporting rehabilitation environments.

David in 2017 worked full time for 4 months on set and with a credit as the main cast therapist on the Netflix Film “Outlaw King”. Where due to the physical requirements  of the filming, Scottish School of Manual Therapy techniques such as were used daily to ensure the cast could act, horsehide and sword fight in full medieval costume with minimal discomfort. Mobilisation Techniques similar to those used when David worked in professional sports and now applies them to his clients in private practice. A SSMT traction belt will be supplied for each candidate to use and keep following the course.

David has over the years and when last year working on “Outlaw King” had the opportunity to apply these techniques daily over a 4 month period with the same cast members therefore measure the successful outcome and order the techniques should be applied.

Who can attend ?

This certificated CPD course is designed for Health Care Professionals  qualified and already in clinical practice as a one of the following – Sports Therapist , Physiotherapist.

Course E-manual and SSMT Traction belt will be supplied for each candidate.

Outline of The Course – 

Examination and Assessment Protocols

Before applying a mobilisation technique we have to have a clinical reasoning for each techniques application and hopeful outcome. David will show Musculoskeletal Examination and Assessment techniques for all the joints covered in the course.

Mobilisations, Manual Therapy and SSMT Belt Techniques.

  • Glides
  • Traction
  • Distraction
  • NAGS
  • MWM’S
  • SSMT Grade Mobilisations I,II,III + IV

Clinical Reasoning of Mobilisation Techniques

David will discuss the following as they arise during the course and again at the end of the course,-

  • Which techniques should be used following results of the examination and assessment.
  • What is the expected physiological response to each technique and what should the outcome be after application.
  • Which techniques can be applied pre, post and during sporting events or how to include these techniques into your current practice.
Scottish School of Manual Therapy
Scottish School of Manual Therapy
why Scottish School of Manual Therapy
Why Scottish School of Manual Therapy
David Jenkins
David Jenkins your instructor

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