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Tuesday 17th August 2010, Dave from Sports Therapy Scotland delivered a 3 Hour Kettlebell workshop at the Scottish Martial Arts Centre in Tullibody near Alloa and Stirling. Attending were members of The Institute of Krav Maga Scotland and The Scottish Martial Arts Centre.

The session began with a discussion of the benefits of Kettlebells and how kettlebell training can compliment  Krav Maga, MMA , Kick Boxing and virtually every other sport or activity that requires  power and endurance movements.We all completed a sports specific warm-up and went through various bodyweight drills.

We began with the 2 hand swing moving onto the 1 hand swing , The Clean and Push Press.

Whilst  everyone had a well earned breather Dave demonstrated the Turkish Get-Up. Everyone couldn’t wait to try and pretty soon everyone was on their backs -minus kettlebells ensuring they could complete each movement before progressing to Turkish Get-Up with a kettlebell.

The final taught lift of the workshop was The Snatch. Dave broke down the technical aspects of the snatch and consistent with the previous efforts all the group were successful in demonstrating the snatch and moved onto successfully to complete a short timed set with one change of hand in between.

It was a fantastic workshop with obvious progression in all the lifts taught from all the group and an excited buzz for up and coming workshops.Well done to everyone who attended.

October saw the workshop go to Glasgow with emphasis on application of correct technique beginning with the 2 hand and 1 hand swing  before moving on to the clean and push press.

By the end of the workshop everyone was attempting windmills and we all finished with a 6 minute timed set encouraging the qigong breathing principle practised earlier on in workshop.

Well done all who attended see you beginning of December.

Kettlebells available to purchase  – just get in touch for prices etc.

Sports Therapy Scotland

Next Workshop December Scottish Martial Arts Centre near Stirling.