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This weekly blog will provide useful information relating to injury, causes, treatment and rehabilitation. I aim to encourage questions or any queries you may have on exercise , fitness and injury or any other related topic you would like to discuss.

This blog is not just for sports people but for everyone in society.

We should not have to cope with pain unnecessarily and pain can impact greatly on daily activities and emotional well-being. You should strive to get in touch with a qualified professional at the earliest opportunity.

My background is 20 years of teaching in Physical Education with a BSc Hons in Applied Sports Therapy from the University of Teesside.

I am also a qualified strength and conditioning coach accredited by BWLA and SWLA which ensures correct understanding of the mechanics of the body, especially when prescribing exercise rehabilitation. I am qualified in Kettlebell training through the IKFF and will be running workshops in and around the Glasgow area.I currently run a sports injury clinic in Charing Cross Glasgow and Stirling.

I have extensive experience in dealing with the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. I currently work with a wide range of clients including martial artists and full-time professional golfers, most recently working with teams such as  St Mirren FC and Braehead Clan Elite Pro Ice Hockey Team. I also work closely with Professional MMA athletes such as Paul McVeigh in both injury treatment and conditioning.

My aims for this blog are to assist with any sports-related injury queries readers may have and provide advice and practical information about them.

This can range from aches and pains and pulled muscles to long-term problems such as sciatica, frozen shoulders and tennis elbow.

Next week’s blog will cover back pain and tips to help cope with it.

If you would like some advice on injury or any other topic covered here, please contact us