The long, virtually year-round football season comes to a close this evening with the showpiece Champions League final in Berlin with Juventus and Barcelona vying for the glory.How do these players last with minimal injury all season?

We are often asked by football players both amateur and professional if they should rest completely or do something to prepare for pre-season training? Especially after playing up to 50 games over the season.

There are a few factors to take into account and no easy answer but overwhelming advice would be to keep moving. Intensity of exercise is the important factors at this time. This is assuming that you aren’t in exercise rehabilitation due to an injury where you will naturally be following that schedule regardless the time of year.

Let’s separate the components of rehabilitation in the order I work to when treating clients and returning them to their sport.

1 – Flexibility / Range of Movement

2 – Endurance

3 – Strength

4 – Power

5 – FN -Functional Normality

You should be able to work from 1 – 5 without pain or restriction to help maintain and ensure fitness for your chosen sport. Another way to put it is, if you are working on 3 – strength when you have an issue with 1 – Flexibility/range of movement then it makes sense that you will encounter a problem with strength training at this time and will unlikely change the flexibility issue!

Close season should be a time to identify a component ( 1-5) that may have been causing concern during the season and or improve on other areas of your fitness. Have a look again at the list above and ask yourself if you can work from one category to the next without any movement concerns or pain. If not take one step back and work on that area then return to the list and retest.

If you have any questions on the above please feel free to get in touch or call 07966570733 and enjoy the Final tonight if you are watching it!