Whilst financial fair play is still a hot topic……….

Taken from Dutch website de Pers.

Spanish clubs dominate European football, they buy the best players in the world and the national team won the European Championships and the World Cup. And it’s all thanks to you.

The President of Barcelona made a phone call to the bank. Could he get another loan? A 155 million or so to pay salaries? No problem. Once the loan was there, Lionel Messi got yet another salary increase and Cesc Fabregas was bought for a mere 40 million euros from Arsenal.

364 million euros (it was a few years ago over 500 million), the fault of Barcelona, ​​but money is hardly lacking: the bank always comes to the rescue. That’s how it works in Spain. Banks finance the deficits and transfers, especially with the big clubs. There is no bank who dares to say no to the giants of football, and there is certainly not one who dares to call in the outstanding loans at a club deep in the red. No Spanish bank would dare to be responsible for the failure of clubs like Barca, Real Madrid and Valencia, it would result in hundreds of thousands if not millions of lost customers.