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Saturday 3rd December sees the Scottish Fight Challenge coming to Glasgow’s’ Kelvin Hall Arena for the first time. The previous events have been held in Stirling’s Albert Halls.

With the Welterweight and Featherweight titles on the line and a further 5 Pro fights on the main card, plus a stacked undercard full of up-and-coming talent, SFC5:RIVALS will be the biggest and best card Scottish MMA fans have ever seen.

The event has an early start with weigh-in in, grappling competition, followed by the main MMA event in the evening.

As with previous MMA events i will be involved behind the scenes looking after the fighters before and after.

This event has something extra as we will demonstrate kettlebell lifting and different ways it can be used to assist in fat loss, and improvement of movement and fitness. You will be encouraged to “have a swing”

The Crosscore 180 (War machine) suspension pulley trainer will also be available to try. This is the new bodyweight trainer you may or may not have heard about. It’s an incredible piece of equipment currently used extensively by the US Military and i can guarantee as one of the first trainers in the UK to use it that if you try it you will love it.

Foam rolling will also be on the cards. This is a type of exercise using foam rollers that can help recovery after exercise and with regular use can help avoid the onset of many common injuries.

If you are there say hello.

SFC 5: RIVALS Full Fight card

Main Card

John Cullen (DNFT) vs. Martin Svenssons (Sweden) – Featherweight Title

Dan Hope (DNFT) vs. Jonathan Westin (Sweden) – Welterweight Title

Neil Laird (Lycans) vs. Vincent “The Warrior” del Guerra– (France) – 80kg Catchweight

Ally Smith (Wossabamma) vs. Medhi Benmakhlouf (France) – 74kg Catchweight

Adam Stevenson (SMAC) vs. Lova Randrianasolo (France) Lightweight

Alan McCauley (DNFT) vs. Phil Flynn (Predators) – 75kg Catchweight

David Hamilton (EKMMA) vs. Shaun Taylor (Lycans) – Welterweight B Class Pro


Abdel Lif (France) vs. Ian Posstlewaith (Lycans) – 57kg

Calum Murrie (SMAC) vs. Adrien Caillol (France) – 66kg

Andy Burns (DNFT) vs. Darren Kinloch (Shooters Dundee) – 68kg

Calum Hunter (Gladitorial) vs. Chris Bungard (Scottish Hit Squad) 77kg

Graham Black (Lycans) vs. Bobby White (Lions Den) – 77kg

Martin Donaldon (Fusion) vs. Scot Mulgrew (Lions Den) – 77kg

Gerry Kennedy (Lions Den) vs. Peter McAfferty (Chimera MMA) – 62kg

Matty Malon (Spartans) vs. Kevin Devine (Scottish Hit Squad) – 70kg