The Edinburgh Marathon 2014 Event is coming soon 24th and 25th May and I’m sure we all know someone, family or friend who is running in this for a good cause. In The “run-up” to this wonderful and incredibly demanding task i tend to have clients looking for a sports massage to help prepare for the big day. Massage is a wonderful way to help someone prepare for an event like the Edinburgh Marathon. It helps the muscle tissue relax before the event and therefore can psychologically help in the mental preparation for the marathon.

After an event such as the Edinburgh Marathon a sports massage can help remove waste products from the body and as a result can help with both the physiological and psychological (body and mind) effect of coping with post event pain that can be quite severe.

If you know someone who is running the Edinburgh Marathon in May get in touch and buy a massage appointment or voucher for pre event, post event or both that can be redeemed at a time suitable to your friend or family member and we help return them to normal. They will thank you for it!

10% of any appointment cost will be donated the the runners charity too!

Email or call 07966570733 David Jenkins to arrange.