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Cryotherapy Treatments come to Stirling and Glasgow

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30 minute session including 2 applications of cryotherapy £50

About CryoStimulation

CryoStimulation (CS) is a technique for a drug-free, non-invasive treatment of pain, inflammation and musculo-skeletal trauma. Its indications are for both acute and chronic conditions.

Cryostimulation is the natural response of the body when exposed to extreme temperatures by raising the temperature of the blood and increasing blood circulation to stimulate metabolic processes.

This is called “Thermal shock” and this is achieved when the temperature of the skin is rapidly reduced by applying compressed liquid Co2 under a pressure of 50 bar.

Cryostimulation treatments triggers the body to relax and relieve pain symptoms as well as stimulating the processes which aid healing and recovery.

Cryotherapy or Cryostimulation is currently used to treat the following,-

  • Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Many sporting injuries
  • Post Operation Recovery
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Sciatica
  • Post-Surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Post Exercise Recovery

Why KAASEN Cryostimulation ?

Traditional ice packs get warmer the longer they are on your body because heat transfers from your skin to the pack. While this might feel more comfortable on your skin, it reduces the therapeutic effect. A Kaasen device delivers consistent, controllable cold that penetrates deeper into damaged tissue with the help of active compression. The result is more effective cooling that lasts longer.

Better than static compression – Static compression is used to control swelling, but Kaasen do so much more. Active compression helps remove excess fluid, or edema, from the injured area while bringing fresh blood and nutrients at the same time. Freshly oxygenated blood and the flushing of cellular waste helps improve healing, so you can get back to normal activity more quickly.

Faster healing ?

The combination of deeply-penetrating, long-lasting cold and active compression has research which shows cryotherapy  may help accelerate healing in damaged tissues. A cryotherapy cryostimulation Kaasen machine is simply more effective than ice packs and compression bandages, so if a fast recovery is a priority for you, why wouldn’t you use one?

More comfortable recovery – Injury rehabilitation is no fun for anybody. You are definitely going to experience some pain, swelling, and general discomfort, but a cryotherapy machine can make the journey more comfortable, why not sit back and relax while the cryotherapy machine does all the work.

We can come to you too!

With the Kaasen cryotherapy unit being portable we can come to your events, gym or clinic to administer cryotherapy treatment sessions. If preferred we can rent you or sell a Kaaren Cryotherapy unit and supply the required training for using it.

Equine, Animal Cryotherapy Treatments.

The Equine Kaasen cryotherapy unit will be available very soon and can be used with the correct training on horses, dogs or any other animal. This is a treatment that hasn’t before been available to the Equine market and will undoubtedly revolutionise how we treat animals for pain.

The Kaasen is Only available at Sports Therapy Scotland Stirling and Glasgow and we are an official Kaasen Distributor. Please get in touch if you want to know more.

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Cryotherapy Treatments come to Stirling and Glasgow

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