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Cryotherapy Treatment

Sports Therapy Scotland offer Cryotherapy as a treatment for pain management and recovery strategies

We were recently featured on the BBC Radio Scotland programme regarding muscle recovery.

David Jenkins explains how cryotherapy can help with muscle recovery and pain strategies and Richard Forbes BBC journalist tried the treatment.

Cryotherapy Treatment is effective for pain management, recovery and many other ailments.

Liquid Co2 is environmentally safe and is effective in the requirement of ‘Thermic Shock’ which is a requirement of Cryotherapy Treatments.

We provide Cryotherapy and Aesthetic Cryotherapy.

Treatment is effective for pain management, recovery and many other ailments.

We will teach you all about Cryotherapy and how to introduce it into your practice.

Why Cryotherapy?

Better delivery of therapeutic cold

Traditional ice packs get warmer the longer they are on your body because heat transfers from your skin to the pack. While this might feel more comfortable on your skin, it reduces the therapeutic effect. Our Cryotherapy device delivers consistent, controllable cold that penetrates deeper into damaged tissue with the help of active compression. The result is more effective cooling that lasts longer.

Better than static compression

Static compression is used to control swelling. Active compression helps remove excess fluid, or oedema, from the injured area while bringing fresh blood and nutrients at the same time. Freshly oxygenated blood and the flushing of cellular waste helps improve healing, so you can get back to normal activity more quickly.

Faster healing

The combination of deeply-penetrating, long-lasting cold and active compression is proven to help accelerate healing in damaged tissues. A cryotherapy treatment session is simply more effective than ice packs and compression bandages, so if fast recovery is a priority for you, why wouldn’t you use one?

More comfortable recovery

Injury rehabilitation is no fun for anybody. You are definitely going to experience some pain, swelling, and general discomfort, but a cryotherapy machine can make the journey more comfortable. You don’t have to worry about holding an ice pack or getting the right pressure with a static compression bandage. Just sit back and relax while the cryotherapy machine does all the work.

Cryotherapy in action

Josh Taylor

We have used portable Cryotherapy for 3 years during fight camps for performance & recovery with Josh Taylor Undisputed super lightweight Champion of the world. Josh sees this as a vital part of his camps.

Learn the benefits of introducing Cryotherapy to your practice 

Cryotherapy in action

Which type of clinic is cryotherapy ideal for?

Cryotherapy treatment is ideal for clinic and practices that specialise in different treatments, including sports therapy , aesthetic and MSK. We welome enquiries from different clinics where we can understand and explain how it would fit into your business.

Benefits to your practice

The equipment

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