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8 Hours accredited certificated course – £300.00. Includes manual and videos of techniques taught on the course.

Why choose to do the Move Kinetic Tape (MKT) course?

David Jenkins is the only Move Kinetic Tape instructor in the UK and Ireland. David’s experience in professional sport spans over 20 years and covers a number of various disciplines including; Scottish Premier League Football, Elite Professional Ice Hockey, Professional Mixed Martial Arts, Olympic Weightlifting and the World Karate Championships. Working at these events has given David first-hand experience in applying his skills allowing him to impart detailed knowledge to students along with the course’s core objectives.

Move Kinetic Tape Kinesiology Taping Course

Voodoo Tape is the world’s first and only kinesiology tape with a menthol cooling agent, providing pain relief and support for  muscle pain, joint, and tendon related pains and injuries. It achieves this by reinforcing joints, with the added menthol agent used to relax aggravated muscles. With our dual-action Kinesiology Sports Tape, it will always minimise pain and help your clients to reach their true potential.

Our Move  Tape is engineered to perform in the harshest environments; Voodoo Tape has the tenacity to last up to an entire week, through multiple runs, daily showers, in humidity, cold, or in the pool.

The Move Kinetic  Tape 8 hours  Course is a unique course aimed at health care practitioners such as Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Athletic Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Fitness Trainers. The course is ideal for learning invaluable Move Kinetic Taping techniques to integrate into their practice.

If you are a therapist or fitness professional who would like to learn more about movement, muscle testing, assessments, and taping application and procedures, then this certificated CPD course is perfect for you.

Our course goes beyond your average Kinesiology Sports Tape Course, as we teach Functional Assessment, Muscle Testing, Sports Conditions and Practical application. Our goal is to go above taping and help your clients reach the next level of pain-free movement and performance!

Course Details

During the Move kinetic Tape 8 hours course, students will learn the following:

Along with learning how to use the tape on any muscle, you will learn to tape for various specific conditions including:

Along with learning how to use the tape on any muscle, you will learn to tape for various specific conditions including:

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