What is the “Core” ?

The term ‘core’ has been widely used within the strength and conditioning and rehabilitation sectors for many years.

Who can use Kinesiology Tape?

A question i’m often asked by clients is ,- ” who can use Kinesiology tape? ” and “How can it help?”

Golf Injuries What are they ? – Explained

A look at golf injuries in detail and how to avoid them.

Back Pain , What can we do about it , Part 2

Part 2 on our blog on what you can do about back pain.

Back Pain, What can we do about it, Part 1

It’s estimated that 80% of adults will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

Top Tips to Stay Injury Free in 2015

Looking to start 2015 injury-free? Well, follow these tips and see how you get on. 

Explaining Posture

Western populations are becoming increasingly swarmed by postural related conditions.

Steven Ray Cage Warriors World Champion

Steven Ray Cage Warriors World Champion will defend his title in Newcastle on Saturday.

Back Pain Should it be a ‘Pain in The Back?

Too many of us are ‘happy’ to put up with back pain to ‘see how it goes’ or ‘it should go away soon.’

Vocal massage treatment

Vocal Massage Scotland, Glasgow and Stirling

Vocal Massage is becoming extremely popular with singers, actors and public speakers.

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