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Back Pain, Lower back pain treatment  Glasgow and Stirling

Back pain, I’m sure we’ve all had it from time to time. In my experience too many of us are ‘happy’ to  put up with it to ‘see how it goes’ or ‘it should go away soon.’

When we experience back pain it affects our daily activities, reduces our range of motion and unfortunately causes pain.

There are several ways to deal with back pain both lower back pain self-applied and via Sports Therapists or physiotherapists.

Either way, it is important to try and take control of your Back Pain in both identifying the cause and ensuring you can try and eliminate it through the correct treatment and if necessary, preventative rehabilitation.

It is important to encourage and try to improve what pain-free range of movement is available. If this can be done without reproducing pain then often further movement can be achieved. And a reduction in the associated pain.

Learning to recognise the symptoms and the gradual build-up of tension is very important. At this stage treatment or advice from a qualified back care specialist is probably the best solution.

Sudden onset of pain regardless of how innocuous the immediate cause,  is more than likely the result of incorrect back movement/lifting over a period of time.

One of the key things is what do you do when you have no back pain?  By this I mean do you only do the prescribed exercise rehabilitation exercises when you experience back pain?

We should all get into the habit of taking control of our back pain by engaging in back mobility exercises at least once per day.

This hopefully will not only let you take control of your condition but improve daily activities.

I work with many clients who admit to only doing the exercise rehab when they are in pain.

Let’s change this habit so that back pain shouldn’t be a pain in the back!

If you currently or have had back pain why not get in touch and pop into our treatment room in Argyle St, West End Glasgow or Stirling for a full assessment, treatment and rehabilitation program.

Back Pain, Lower back pain treatment  Glasgow and Stirling