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The 100 Rep Challenge site is alive and well , have a look and see contributions from a variety of World Class experienced trainers and healthcare professionals.

Content includes – Tips, programmes, video clips.The One Hundred Rep Challenge is……..

A simple practice designed to establish an re-enforce positive, enduring habits

Suitable for everyone, young & old, active & sedentary, everyone can benefit by using 100 reps to work on the areas of their mental & physical wellbeing that require attention. We approach everything as scalable” – rather than one size fits all, the 100 Rep Challenge helps participants find the best route for themselves

The Challenge is a personal one, about accountability and the value of consistent effort. It can work as an individual or group effort but the focus remains a personal one. The Challenge can be used by teachers, coaches, trainers, athletes, families and groups of any kind who require a starting point for a simple daily practice.

Almost any physical activity can be adapted to the Challenge. 100 is simply a number, a starting point, a catalyst. The drills themselves can be about anything that promotes a sense of ownership regarding our health and wellbeing. Mindfulness breathing, stretching and mobility, strength training, rehabilitation –- all of these modalities have their place.” –  Rannoch Donald ,

Credit must go to Rannoch Donald who encouraged collaboration and put a huge amount of effort in getting The 100 Rep Challenge site together – well done.

Its a free resource and there to be brought to life by contributions and discussion on how to get mobile and active using the 100 Rep principles which are remarkably simple yet incredibly effective.

Sports Therapy Scotland will be posting tips on injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and how to introduce The 100 Rep Principle from your surroundings and apply to your rehabilitation.

Our Sports Injury Clinic in Stirling strives to promote the 100 Rep principles into our rehabilitation programmes.

Please get in touch here with any questions or of course through the 100 Rep Challenge website.